In December 2018, the Board of Trustees approved a new Ethical Investment Framework issued by Stanford Management Company (SMC), and an updated Statement on Investment Responsibility from the Trustees. Stanford is also committing $10 million to expand academic offerings in the area of investment responsibility and governance. (Read more)

SMC Ethical Investment Framework
A statement of how SMC actively incorporates ethical considerations into its investment decisions.

Statement on Investment Responsibility
A statement of the Trustees’ view of the responsible investment of Stanford’s endowment.

In July 2020, members of Congress sent letters to 25 leading U.S. universities seeking information regarding diversity in the asset management of their endowments. SMC wrote a response letter on behalf of Stanford.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Stanford. As a business unit of the University, SMC follows Stanford’s equal opportunity policy both in our staffing and in our selection of external investment partners. (Read more)

 Letter to Congress on Diversity
A letter providing information on the diversity of SMC’s investment partners and staff.

Equal Opportunity Policy
Stanford’s policy statement on Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action.


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