The Stanford Forum on the Science of Energy Transition on April 10, 2024, hosted by Stanford Management Company and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, explored the critical steps and advanced technologies necessary for the transition to clean energy. Distinguished faculty and leading experts provided in-depth discussions on the grid, fuels, GHG detection and removal, and the impacts of climate on food and water resources.



Welcome Remarks by Robert Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of Stanford Management Company.


Dean Arun Majumdar delivers an introductory address, unraveling the complexities of the clean energy landscape.


Sally Benson opens the panel discussion on the Grid and the challenges and innovations in transforming the grid for a clean energy future.

Yi Cui speaks on the importance and challenges of energy storage.

Eric Toone speaks on fuels and the complexities of energy sources.


Dean Arun Mujumdar speaks on tweaking natural processes to obtain necessary scale.

Jim Leape on how to improve agriculture and the possibilities with blue foods that are more resilient to climate change and sustainable.

Nobel Laureate and former Energy Secretary Steve Chu engages in a fireside chat with Dean Arun Mujumdar on the challenges in the energy landscape.